Value Square takes care of your long-term wealth by investing according to the principles of value investing.

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Pascal Cornelis and Kris Hermie are some of our experts who personally invest in our own funds.

Investing ourselves.

We put all the skills of our team in the balance to ensure the growth as well as the protection of your assets. We have been doing this for more than 15 years, investing only according to the timeless principles of value investing, a clear focus on the long term.
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Real people,
real value.

Our team of experts personally invest in our own funds, giving us common interests and what makes us true partners. Our dedication, expertise and distinct style make us the go-to fund boutique for value investing.
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Your share
in the future.

For us, investing for the long term is synonymous with thinking ahead. By reasoned investing in sound stocks, we are fully committed to sustainable investments and creating impact today and tomorrow.
As a client, you have a personal relationship manager and our door is always open for a good conversation about your portfolio.

We value your peace of mind.

Value Square guarantees an authentic relationship of trust and provides insight into every investment that is made. We regularly organize company visits and give our investors a look behind the scenes. A clear newsletter provides a weekly explanation in understandable language. A world of difference in the level of knowledge and information.

Our expertise, your reference.

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